Bumper Replacement & Installation

If the cushions on your pool table have a slow response they need to be replaced. Recushion your pool table to make it play like new.  Your table bumpers may need repair or replacement? Maybe you would just like a new look or style for your pool table bumpers or cushions. No matter what you need, we can provide the perfect pool table bumper replacement and installation for your table.


The Twin Cities Pool Table Guy can install new “Championship” pool table bumpers or cushions on your pool table. Two tone bumper and felt colors are available. New bumper application on most pool tables are also available. We begin every bumper replacement by first making sure the pool table rails are mounted tightly to the table. If the rails are too loose, the table will play like it’s “dead;” the bumpers do not have enough of a bounce effect to play the game properly. If the rails are too tight, the ball will make a “thud” sound and won’t rebound against the bumper. Sometimes the bumpers on your pool table can suffer from dry rot, making pool table bumper replacement absolutely necessary.