Pool Table Installation

I am trained by some of the industry’s leading certified billiard installation experts to install your pool table for optimum game play. Pool table installation is a skill I’ve acquired over the many years I’ve been doing this. I have the experience required to fix any problem while installing the table and have a high level of pride in my work.

The Twin Cities Pool Table Guy can provide full professional pool table installation service for any 3-piece slate, 1-piece slate, coin-operated, and ball return pool tables. Pool table balancing and leveling is included with every installation.

In the beginning a pool table mechanic only had one or two brands of pool tables to keep up with and master. In today’s market, there are hundreds with each one bringing its own idea of the manufacturing practices they use. Screws here, nails there and glue over here. Why not use nuts and bolts? Use metal brackets and not wooden brackets. Each of these techniques are in place for a reason choosen by the manufacturer. Each of these techniques also present both, strengths and weaknesses. It is up to the skill set of the mechanic to make the most out of both the strengths and weaknesses to make sure you get the best result. A long lasting pool table that will stay level without fail for years to come.

Seems simple enough right? We are just building a pool table right? Well here is the truth behind what a real pool table mechanic does. From the beginning, we have to build and square the cabinet and attach the legs to the table, in the proper position. Then we have to find the perfect position in the room before installing the slate. Next we have to square and level the slate to the cabinet, wax the seams, then attach the felt on the bed and rails and then we have to center and square the rails and pockets. Lastly, we do a final level of the whole structure. This is just a brief description of the job not including carrying the heavy pieces. If one part of this goes wrong, the table will not right and is certainly not likely to finish with the intent of the manufacturer and their practices. There are a lot of skills required to master one brand with each subsequent brand adding to that skill set.

Commercial or Residential Pool Table Installation

We have provided pool table installation services to hundreds of satisfied customers. From commercial pool table installations at huge bowling alleys and pool halls, to 1-table game rooms in a local homeowner’s garage, we have done it all. We have the skills and expertise to complete your pool table installation job to perfection.